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Banks Tax Pros Software has raised the standards by providing assurance and accuracy for Tax Professionals to secure their goals in the Tax Industry.

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Have you ever vision of running a 6 figure Tax business?

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You  enjoy educating and dream of enriching your community with tax knowledge.
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Join Banks Tax Pros University. Waitlist January 2024.

BTP 1901 Course

is the perfect course for you.

General Studies, includes: 

  • Individual  & Business Tax Preparation Training

  • Software training

  • IRS EFIN & PTIN Registration

  • Publication 17

  • Bank Product Registration 

  • Due Diligence
  • Tax Law Updates
  • Weekly Group Calls & Zoom Meetings
  • Marketing to help grow your business
  • Web based software to prepare Federal and State taxes
  • Custom Mobile App
  • Client intake and due diligence compliance templates and forms
  • In/Off Season Tax Return Preparation Support
  • Software Technical Support
  • Help Structure your Tax Business
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